Friday, March 30, 2007

More pectoral perfection

Just one post on pecs don't seem to do enough justice.
There are so many beautifully sculptured chests that deserve to be featured here on exquisitely:man. You can't help but envy these men with those exquisitely drool-some pecs.

What awesome pecs... and the icing on the cake is of course those gorgeous nipples! Don't they just turn you on?


nico said...

hey ! thanks for your comment on my blog !
you do a terrific job here ! I really love your posts, you have to keep on too !

Anonymous said...

pic 2 holy ... perfect bod

Anonymous said...

that last one is a prostitute - you can rent him by the minute

Anonymous said...

Is he really a "prostitite" in the physical sense?? Yes you can rent him by the minute on a "website" .. a pretty degrading occupation for a reasonably successful photo model. J.S. is a fool!!