Sunday, April 29, 2007

Nipple-licious... Pt III

I know that you've have been patiently waiting for more pics of guys with hot bods and sexy nipples. So, here they are. Leading the line-up is of course the amazingly gorgeous Jakub. We just can't seem to get enough of this sexy guy can we?

... and this cutie is such a tease ;-)


Tom said...

love the post...I'm a big fan of over-sized male nipples and large areolas!

Anonymous said...

I totally dig man and boy babes with big nipples. I agree with the first post that a babe not afraid to show off his huge areolas is da bomb. How fucking sexy is that?! I had a bf in hs who was on the swim team and damn that babe had these dark, hairless areolas and we measured them and they were 2 and half inches across and he used to tell me that everyone at the swim meets got to look at them but I got to play with them. He had a bangin bod and a damn nice dong (it was thick, fat and hairy) but it was his huge man udders that got my enging racing. Oh yeah, I forgot, he loved having them teased and when I tickled or sucked themn he got a raging hard on. Damn I miss Jimmy and his world class nipples.