Sunday, July 1, 2007

Lookin' good

Amazing in so many indescribable ways,
Near me always I hope he stays;

A smile that brightens the darkest mood,
His bubbly and prankster personality I cannot exclude;

An open state of mind in a mixed up shell,
Nothing ever gets to him, though sometimes it's hard to tell;

Soft to the touch, running my fingers through his hair,
A voice that touches me, I feel like I'm floating on air;

Our hands lightly touch it makes my heart flutter,
One on one talks with him I sometimes start to stutter;

I love his touch when he caresses my back,
I tense up, get short of breath, I'm ready to jump in the sack;

Arms and limbs entwined, he takes me soft or rough,
His emotions become unbridled, he isn't that tough;

It feels so good I want to cry,
He brings me to the edge, what an amazing high;

He knows I'm here for him and the same goes for me,
Me laying in his arms is where I really want to be;

He is my king and I will sit at his feet,
I truly am in love, with him I'm complete.

Him © 2006 Reisce


Anonymous said...

Great pictures! As for the poetry, well it DOES rhyme!!
Thanks. said...

You're welcome & thanks for the compliments. Much appreciated.